Silent Scream

The future and lives of Lilian Bay’s unique and sacred neighbouring residents, the bridled nailtail wallabies are under dire threat of extinction because of the greedy and the corrupt.

More than 50,000 plus years of our history, heritage and honour are about to be wiped out if some local developers have their way. They say there’s no more nailtails. They claim their environmental impact study will prove the breed is now extinct except for the few poor souls incarcerated in captivity, and the stuffed one sitting next to our only thylacine. Sounds convincing? Nailtail shit!

Number one, the study is to be carried out on the very outer, northern edge of The Great Basalt Wall, now ex-nailtail territory. It’s not even close to the area that is home to today’s nailtails.

Number two, they didn’t mention the shoot-out last wet season to eradicate every single nailtail in sight. March before last, 200 nailtails lay dead on the ground. Then they were skinned, tail-tips removed, and the flesh tagged and sold with the goodwill of government ‘roo shooting permits.

Don’t believe me? Come and do your own stakeout this November. Camp on Styx Lake. Be part of history, save the last few nailtails by keeping them away from this season’s shooters. Or if we’re really lucky, photograph the last few families left. Don’t worry about the isolation or about all the rumours of The Wall swallowing expeditions of explorers — you won’t be alone — the developers’ marksmen will be hovering, trying to clean up any poor little creatures remaining.

Please help me make my screams heard.


The Styx – a modern Australian gothic novel